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Daily updates from a planner, who wants to be become a doer…and the changes from trying to be like everyone else, or be liked by everyone else, to taking control and being in charge. Will it work? How long will it take? Will anyone ever read this? I doubt it…but it feels good already!

Day 2228 (Oops, lucky for me I’m stronger than my excuses)

Dear Diary,

I know…right. What the hell happened here?

Life got in the way of my goals and I didn’t know what I was doing.

I’m having an other go…on day (roughly) 2228. This means I have not failed as I am still trying. Not only that, I’ve learned a lot and of course, a lot has happened in these last 2146 days since my last Dear Diary. Including how to schedule properly and stop procrastinating!!

I’ll start with what I’m doing now and fill in the gaps as I go along.

I’m about to start on a speaking career. Whenever I see someone speaking about motivational or interesting topics, I have always thought “I want to do that too!” Over the years I have done some speaking at Nutri-Metics Seminars, sporting and other social clubs I’ve been associated with. I love it. So what stopped me following this dream?

I know now that I made a stupid assumption over all those years that everyone wants to do that and that it would be really hard to ever get a gig! It’s a stupid assumption because as most of us know, public speaking is not what most people want to do! I also thought a man was a plan. That he would be my support, my kick in the bum, my motivator. Yes, I’ve learned a lot and now I know, a man is not a plan. I killed off my own dream without even giving it a go.

Now, I’m a motivated, creative and strong single woman with a passion. I have a topic for my talks which I can adapt to business, personal and health related audiences. I have so much to offer since I’ve been a seminar junkie for so many years. Attending but never doing anything (real) about all the information. My talks are called ‘Stronger Than My Excuses’. I’ve been through enough both with my health, my business and my personal life to be an ‘expert’ on this topic so I’m going out there and just starting. It won’t be perfect at first, but I will start small and learn from each mistake. The point here is I’m Starting!

I learned from Mel Robbins to make your goals so big that it’s embarrassing. Embarrassing because you are still sitting in the same home wearing the same clothes driving the same car. On the outside no-one can see any changes, but on the inside you are absolutely driven to achieve this goal. So…here goes:

My goal is to speak across America and the world, and be known in more countries and on more channels than Mel Robbins. It’s amazing watching her. She is around my age, has a similar look about her, has a similar personality with a little humour, a real passion in her talks and an excitement that is energising. She is the reason that I could really see myself doing this! I won’t compete with her, but I will use her as my target to go beyond. In America, with my Aussie accent, I really think I can achieve this goal.

I won’t be telling too many people, again, because it’s embarrassing because I’m not there yet. But…it’s what I’m focused on now and it feels great!

Stay tuned…

P.S. I write fast so I apologise for the spelling or grammar errors. I hope it all makes sense.

Day 82

Dear Diary,

Oh my! I did not get off to a good start. Not only did I forget how to log-in, but also just kept putting it off. It became one more thing on the list and went into the too hard basket.

Just found out today that I have a job and start Monday. Took a while but finally I will be working locally at Somersby in Marketing for Green Design (indoor plant hire). They seem like an ethical, professional and well organised company and I’m sure I’m going to love it!

Got to go…lots to do now in prep for starting Monday.

I shall try and fill in the gaps soon…stay tuned!

Cheers, Julie

Day 3

Dear Diary,

Waiting for Chris and Kirby to arrive. Can’t stop looking out the window. Seriously, I’m like a kid waiting for Santa!

Really excited they are arriving 2 days early.

Did I do all that prioritising that I said I would yesterday? No, but I did write another little list…although still too much to do today.

One day I’ll learn how to do it.

Give me a massive project and I will coordinate and manage it as professionally as anyone. Give me some daily chores to do and I just can’t seem to get it done!

Gotta go look out the window downstairs again…I think I heard a car!


Day 2 (Not Very Insightful)

Dear Diary,

Before I start, I should explain that I am a cronic over-user of brackets and exclamation marks…and dots! (See…I told you)!

I’m realising already that this is going to be harder than I thought. It’s 10:00pm and I only just got to this page…thinking its going to be hard to think what to write and yet, as you can see, I thought of things. I think this is all part of the reason I don’t ‘act’ and keep thinking, planning and organising, but never doing anything (well…anything major anyway). It’s because I make too many lists, that are too long, that are in too many places, that have too many goals to achieve. This blog being just another one of them.

But alas, I am going to try and keep this going. I decided that if I can’t get to this blog and write here every day…then tough! I’ll just make it up with two the next day. Or three the next. And they will just be shorter (and of course, sweeter).

I need to make sure that my spaghetti brain which is far too creative for it’s own good, does not creep out onto my computer, desk, kitchen table, note book (bible), calendar etc. in the form of  more ‘To Do Lists’!

So tomorrow I start…get all lists together and make one priority. Surely some things are just not important. The priorities right now are (here’s a list again to make it interesting):

  1. My 50th Birthday Party this weekend. Should be a hoot and with a band and catering, I can sit back an relax…at the party, but not before. Lots to do!
  2. Trip to Italy next August. I know, I know…but my travel agent (and friend) will be leaving her job at the end of next week and can get some good discounts for me (staffies) as well as being very helpful (and honest) with my itinerary.
  3. Christmas is 14 days away. Still have some shopping to do but also plan out the menu, delegate the jobs to all the family, wrap, do cards…you know how it is (if you’re a girl!).
  4. Get a job! Oh, did I forget to mention that I have all this to pay for and no income? Rocky is also out of work as of 9 days ago…Joy!

So, you can see most of my thoughts are about the above 4 things for the next few weeks. My son will be here on Friday with his new Fiance and my girlfriend will be down from Qld for the weekend and my Party.

Tomorrow I’m off to my renal specialist…more on that later, then I am coming home to gather all lists together and prioritise, and then off to a Christmas Lunch with a networking group I regularly attend.


Actions Speak Louder

Dear Diary,

Really? I just turned 50 two weeks ago and I’m writing a Dear Diary? But wait…there is meaning to this. I have some issues with taking action that I need to work on. I was thinking that maybe I could write each day…here in my blog…and mention the actions I want to take…and this would make me act on them. (Even I am laughing at myself as I sit here ‘writing’ about ‘actions’ being louder than words).

So, I need some bullet points for the actions …and this will apparently also keep the reader interested as it breaks up the page and makes it not so boring:

  • Not so boring now…is it?
  • Need to lose some inches around my waist
  • Need to get fit for Italy trip next August
  • Need walk the dog more often
  • Need to change my diet to healthy stuff
  • Need to action my to do lists (yes, there are lots of them) rather than just re-arrange them to fit into the following day
  • Don’t really need to do any of this, but really WANT to
  • Want to write a book
  • Want to get a job (anyone need a good marketing/communications manager?)

You’ll have to stay tuned as I post daily thoughts, although I’m really not promoting this so anyone who finds it is just lucky I guess.

Okay, so that’s it for now but I’ll write every day…when possible. This will be current, past and future all rolled into one! Enjoy!