Finding the Right Mindset

Even though the world has changes, many in business are still just as busy. It’s hard sometimes to stop and think about where we want to go, and the steps needed to get there. This is where motivation, or lack of it, comes in. Motivation requires a major mindset shift, and without establishing the proper motivation towards your goals, we tend to get nowhere. Motivation and inspiration go hand in hand.  Without the proper motivation in our lives, we won’t be able to achieve what we are inspired to do.

Jenny Darbin from Jendar Interior Design offers her own story of inspiration. She suffered a spinal injury and was paralysed, needing to have surgery so she could learn how to walk again. She says without the motivation from her husband and children, she would have never been inspired to take those extra steps and push herself to keep going, she would have probably still been paralysed.

Many times, our motivation will come from those who are close to us. Their encouragement can help us to achieve many amazing things, not only in our personal lives but our achievements in our businesses.

This is the best way to get motivated in your life. To surround yourself with positive people. Those that will encourage you and inspire you to do your best. Negativity will draw you down and isolate you from the rest of the world. 

A great way to find this is of course through your friends and family, but another great resource can be social media groups. Using groups through Facebook or other platforms allows you to find others with similar interests that align with your way of thinking. This gives you the opportunity to sound off each other with different perspectives and receive feedback in order to get you going in the right direction. By aligning yourself with groups like this, it will give you the motivation to keep moving forward and in the right direction to reach your goals.

People can either encourage you or discourage you, so pick wisely. Make sure you surround yourself with people who are only going to lift you higher not try to bring you down. Surrounding yourself with those who keep you motivated and in the right mindset gives you the best possible chance to inspire yourself, get motivated to take action, and start achieving those goals. 

This blog is based predominantly on the information given by Jenny Darbin during her appearance on The Stronger Than My Excuses Show: Receiving and Giving Inspiration…It’s a Two Way Street. See the full show here:

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