Self-Doubt or Self-Belief…You Choose

Many of us have negative thoughts in our heads, especially when we are venturing into something new. But these fears and doubts are not all real. In this article we will look to discuss these fears and why they occur; what holds us back from overcoming our fears and what we can do to try and prosper.

The fear of failure happens to everyone and from that comes self-doubt. This mainly happens when you are moving into uncharted waters, when you are starting up your own business for example. This is because we fear the unknown and it is basic human psychology. However, you should not run from those fears. Rather, you should face them. But it’s much easier said than done.

This fear of the unknown, believe it or not, it is a very big motivator for some people but even then, you cannot help but have a feeling of fear. This is because you are facing a change in your life and that is the biggest challenge for everybody. The key part of moving forward with your fear is to understand that change will happen sooner or later, and to prepare yourself for how you will face the potential challenges associated with it and work with the change and not against it.

Calculated Risk

Fear and anxiety strike when the risk is not calculated. When you are taking a calculated risk you already know your contingency plans but when it comes to taking a risk that you have not calculated, it is very common to have these feelings. Therefore, for example, if you are starting up a small business, taking calculated risks is the recommended way to do things. This is because building up a strong foundation is very basic and most important thing when starting a business. And this takes time. Only when you have built up a strong foundation can you opt to ponder expanding your business horizons and moving into other areas.

That is why the most important thing for everybody is to appreciate the fact that it will take time to build a good strong foundation and that it will not happen overnight. You need to take calculated risks and you must be prepared to go further and step out of your comfort zone because that is where people find true success. That is where you will beat your own self-doubt. 

Self-belief Supports Success

Many of us worry about what other people think of us and the ventures we delve into. This can also induce fear and anxiety in us. But one must understand that we cannot control what others think about us. Even if a lingering doubt comes into our minds, we can find ways to connect with our core values. What core values are we bringing to our businesses? Why are we actually doing the business and what motivates us to keep doing it?

Sometimes when we have a feeling of self-doubt, we may feel a churn in our stomach. That only indicates that we are facing a challenge and not that we are wrong. That is the time when we need to ask ourselves what needs to be done. If you have calculated your risks and set up good foundations and contingency plans, sometimes doing the hard thing is doing the right thing. We must be prepared to take the hard steps too. Only then can we overcome our fear and self-doubt and begin on the path to self-belief and success.

Did you ever have self-doubt about any projects you initiated? Did you overcome your fears? How did you do that? Let us know in the comments section and we can grow together!

This blog is based predominantly on information within The Stronger Than My Excuses Show: Self Doubt and Fear…Believe in Yourself

3 thoughts on “Self-Doubt or Self-Belief…You Choose

  1. I like what you write about working out contingencies. This is something I try to do and I find it does help. Not many others broach this subject. It’s validating.

    1. Thanks juliemellersh, I like this part too. Most of this came from other people’s input from the panel discussion. You might like to hear the full show as it’s a fabulous discussion on this topic. This was only the second show we ever made so the sound is terrible, but the contributions from the panellists are brilliant! The link is in the blog. I hope you get to watch it.

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