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Actions Speak Louder

Dear Diary,

Really? I just turned 50 two weeks ago and I’m writing a Dear Diary? But wait…there is meaning to this. I have some issues with taking action that I need to work on. I was thinking that maybe I could write each day…here in my blog…and mention the actions I want to take…and this would make me act on them. (Even I am laughing at myself as I sit here ‘writing’ about ‘actions’ being louder than words).

So, I need some bullet points for the actions …and this will apparently also keep the reader interested as it breaks up the page and makes it not so boring:

  • Not so boring now…is it?
  • Need to lose some inches around my waist
  • Need to get fit for Italy trip next August
  • Need walk the dog more often
  • Need to change my diet to healthy stuff
  • Need to action my to do lists (yes, there are lots of them) rather than just re-arrange them to fit into the following day
  • Don’t really need to do any of this, but really WANT to
  • Want to write a book
  • Want to get a job (anyone need a good marketing/communications manager?)

You’ll have to stay tuned as I post daily thoughts, although I’m really not promoting this so anyone who finds it is just lucky I guess.

Okay, so that’s it for now but I’ll write every day…when possible. This will be current, past and future all rolled into one! Enjoy!

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